Do you still have a landline phone in your home?

About 47% of American homes now only use their cell phones

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Many people 22News spoke with said there’s really no reason to have a landline anymore, and a lot of people across the country agree with them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 47 percent of American homes now only use their cell phones. Just 12 years ago, only 3 percent of U.S. households had no landline.

Deborah Frankel of Montague told 22News she’s not too surprised so many people are “cutting the cord.” She got rid of her landline years ago; “It doesn’t really make sense to have a landline anymore. I’m hardly ever home, I work a lot, I’m out and about, and it’s just a waste of money I think.”

Mobile phone use is dominant. About 8 percent of Americans have only a landline, and a little more than 40 percent have both.

Many people who do still have landlines said it’s only because they have bad cell reception at home.

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