Birds captured eating meat for sale inside Chicopee Walmart

The birds were seen perching on trays of meat

The Chicopee Walmart store is seen here in a WWLP file image from December 2015.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Shoppers pushing their carts down the aisle looking for meat around 7 o’clock Monday night saw a bunch of birds with a carnivorous appetite.

A video showing the birds pecking at the meat has been spreading on social media. Rhonda Kitchen took the video of the small birds in the meat section of the superstore, and shared it online.

The birds could be seen flying around, and perching on trays of meat.

Walmart sent 22News the following statement regarding the birds:

As soon as we learned of this issue the impacted product was immediately removed from shelves and disposed of.  In addition licensed professionals were brought in to successfully remove the birds from the store. We require the highest of food safety standards and have procedures in place to ensure customers have access to safe and affordable foods.

Chicopee health inspector Katy Cyr told 22News that the store contacted a pest control service, which came and used a net trapped to catch a total of 17 birds. The birds were later released elsewhere.

The health department went to the store Tuesday morning, and determined that everything was safe and in order. Cyr said that this sort of issue is not uncommon among stores, because of all the sliding doors and openings that they have.

Here is the video below of the birds inside the Walmart:

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