Windsor Locks reconsidering request to host CT’s third casino

22News explains how the game isn't over yet for one Connecticut town.

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WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Connecticut communities have gotten the chance to reconsider hosting the states third casino, which would compete with MGM Springfield.

Five proposals were made from groups in four towns, close to the state line, and with some provisions made in the last days before a deadline, it gave an opportunity for some communities to reassess.

Connecticut’s tribal casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, have joined forces as MM4CT, to build the states third casino meant to compete with the incoming MGM Springfield. Five groups made submissions for East Hartford, East Windsor, Hartford and two in Windsor Locks. The Windsor Locks Board of Selectmen voted down casino proposals on October 27th.

But three new selecmen, Christopher Kervick (D), Michelle Hill (D), and Denise Balboni (R), have been elected and were sworn-in on Tuesday.  The same night they were sworn in, all three voted to move forward with negotiations for requests for proposals.

The Connecticut Airport Authority has made a proposal for development at Bradley International Airport and Sport Tech which operates Bobby V’s has made a proposal just down the road.

Here is a statement the Connecticut Airport Authority sent on behalf of theier Executive Director, Kevin A. Dillon to 22News about the reconsideration.

“The Connecticut Airport Authority is pleased that the Windsor Locks Board of Selectmen voted to further explore the potential for casino development at Bradley. If such a facility will be built in the Greater Hartford area, we believe that Bradley offers a number of unique advantages that could benefit our passengers, the CAA, the Town of Windsor Locks, and the State of Connecticut. We look forward to pursuing this opportunity further.”

Windsor Locks new First Selecman Chris Kervick said its worth reconsidering concepts and seeing the offers. “Yes we want to find out about these proposals. I don’t think any member of the Board of Selectmen is convinced at this point that a casino is right for Windsor Locks, but we are convinced that we should at least find out about it ask the right questions and do some due diligence to make sure we know if it’s a good proposal or not,” Kervick said.

A public hearing will be held for Windsor Locks residents tentatively scheduled for December 15th to discuss the goals of the negotiations.Then a town meeting will be held to discuss any resolution to enter into a proposed development agreement that may result.  The town meeting will then be adjourned to a referendum and eligible voters will be able to vote on entering into a proposed development agreement.

The Connecticut Casinos have said they expect to make a decision by December 15th on a site that would serve 10,000 visitors a day.

For a third casino to open the Connecticut General Assembly still has to pass legislation.

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