Shoppers pack stores for the last minute holiday rush

Grocery and liquor stores see big boost in business

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Pre-Thanksgiving Day rush! The day before Turkey day is one of the busiest days of the year for grocery and liquor stores. At table and vine in West Springfield, the lines just kept growing and growing.

“Thanksgiving is the day more wine is drunk in America than any other day of the year so as a result…we’ve been busy all day which is great. It’s great to see a crowd here,” said Michael Quinlant of Table and Vine in West Springfield.

Western Massachusetts residents have to buy their groceries and liquor before Thanksgiving Day. That’s because the stat’es Blue Laws require stores to close for the holidays.

However, The State House is considering a bill that would specifically allow liquor stores to open on Thanksgiving Day. It’s proven to be controversial.

“It’s a holiday. I just think even with the stores opening on Christmas day I just think it’s time for family and it pulls people away,” said Kym Goulet, who supports the state’s Blue Laws.

“If people want to get that extra time and extra money and aren’t penalized for it of course than yeah why not,” said Joshua Carrig, who believes stores should be able to open if they’d like too.

The bill was filed in January, and it’s unknown if Governor Baker would sign it if ended up on his desk.

Most businesses are closed Thanksgiving but then, comes Black Friday. Click Here to find out what’s open and at what times.

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