Peter Pan expecting increase in riders, despite travel alert

The State Department issues a world-wide travel alert, which expires on February 24th.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year. 22News shows you what to expect during your holiday commute.

A Springfield-based bus company is expecting more people to ride this holiday weekend, Despite Monday’s travel alert because of increased terrorist threats. The State Department issued a travel alert this week, advising anyone who travels to avoid crowds and be vigilant in public places. But this year, Peter Pan bus lines is expecting a 5-10% increase in riders.

Peter Pan bus lines has increased security at busy hubs, like Boston, New York, and Western Massachusetts. Peter Pan President Brian Stefano told 22News, security is the bus lines main priority. “Up the awareness of our drivers first and foremost, secure the coaches to be vigilant, looking for anything that looks suspicious people. And also more security in the terminals.”

There was also additional security at Amtrak in Springfield. An Amtrak police officer told 22News they normally increase security during the holidays. Riders were urged to buy their tickets ahead of time and to expect delays. Springfield College student Katelyn Campbell told 22News, “Yeah I expect some traffic, maybe not as much as a couple days ago. People are already home for the most part. I expect some traffic.” Campbell said she brought electronics to keep her occupied during the nine hour ride to Maine.

Another rider told 22News she gave herself a four hour window to avoid delays. “I’ve had too many troubles with various bus systems to not give myself enough time. To plan ahead and make sure i give myself enough of a window, to get to the places I need to go. Better safe than sorry,” said Hampshire College student Madison Williams, who was traveling to the Cape to be with family for Thanksgiving.

Passengers are encouraged to arrive early, listen carefully for boarding announcements, keep your eyes on your belongings and report anything that looks suspicious.

The travel alert expires on February 24th.


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