Meet the world’s oldest cat: 26-year-old Corduroy

Corduroys' brother lived until 19

Oregon (CNN) – A feline in Oregon has lived so long, he’s Guinness Book of World Records’ oldest living cat.

Meet corduroy, a furry feline that loves naps, hunting for mice, and cuddling.

Ashley Okura, Corduroy’s owner, says, “He was my buddy and I would carry him like a baby and flip him over.”

He may look like your average cat, but there is something not so ordinary about this kitty. “He’s Guinness World Records oldest living cat”

Ashley picked out Corduroy when he was just a kitten, and she was 6 years old. “I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, the 20 minute drive to Redmond felt like forever”

Corduroy was the pick of the litter. “He was very fluffy so that was exciting”

And he has been her companion ever since. Now 26, or 124 in cat years corduroy is still going strong.

Okura says, “I think Corduroy has good genes, typically cats live until they’re 15 years old”

Corduroys’ brother, Batman, was also adopted by the family and lived until 19.

Okura says, “I really think the key to his longevity is I’ve allows allowed him to be a cat. We’ve kept his claws and I think that really has helped him out. It’s allowed him to go outside and defend himself and also hunt”

Ashley hopes Corduroy’s long life will encourage people to stop declawing their cats. She says she is honored to have the world’s oldest cat, and enjoys sharing him with the world. “I’m just really lucky to have him in my life now and I hope he continues to do well and will live for a lot longer”

Corduroy will soon be featured in “National Geographic” and “Catster” magazine.

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