Heating bills are down, but check your system

Take care of potential problems now, before it gets too cold

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – One thing that we can be thankful for this year is lower heating bills. Slightly milder-than-average temperatures these past few weeks had most people keeping their heat down, at least during the day. One day this month, we saw a 70-degree day, breaking a record here in western Massachusetts.

22News spoke Wednesday with Joshua Smith, service manager at Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning, who said that no matter what the temperature is this fall, you should be taking preventative measures.

“The maintenance checks we do ahead of time- its preventable maintenance to find the problems before they break down, before they don’t have heat. So it’s much better for them to check it now than in the middle of January when its 30 below,” Smith said.

Most problems tend to show themselves when people first turn their heat on.

Even though temperatures have been bearable, our nights have been getting colder, and soon the winter season will be here. Cheaper heating bills now will help us come December.

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