Bunker down: Renovated nuclear shelter up for sale

This is the only one that is privately owned

(CNN) – A multi-million dollar compound is up for sale.

It’s got a movie theater, four apartments, and is virtually indestructible. It’s also underground.

This hidden bunker sits about 50 feet under the ground and has quite the story.

Co-owner Bruce Kitchens says, “The bunker designed in 1969 by the Army Corps of Engineers as a communications center in case of a nuclear war with Russia.

Back then it cost seven million dollars to build. Not only is it expensive, it’s indestructible

Kitchens says, “450 feet above sea level, you don’t have to worry about flooding. This place will protect you against anything. Hurricanes, tornadoes, any kinds of storms. Of course, it’s designed to withstand a 20-kilaton nuclear bomb. The walls are about 3 feet thick. This place is impenetrable.”

And out of nine built in the country, this is the only one that is privately owned and was recently renovated.

Bastion Holdings co-owner Chris Salamone says, “The purpose of the renovation was to up the level of service so we could provide training.”

Today, it is mainly used for training, but it can be used for many things; and if needed as a bunker, you and your friends and family would be safe.

Salamone says, “It really is self-sustained. You can come down here and you can live for a year, and not have to leave.’

The bunker is 14,000 square feet, 50 feet under the ground and has four luxury apartments, a full kitchen, movie room and lots of other space for all of your needs. Right now, it’s also up for sale. The listing price — $17.5 million.

Salamone says, “You never feel safer in your life than when you’re 50 feet under the ground, and when that blast door closes and you close the latch, you know nothing in the world is possibly gonna get to you.”

According to the realtors, the bunker is the only fully renovated nuclear hardened underground bunker in the southern United States.

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