What made Sunday’s sunset so spectacular?

Image sent to 22News by Joel Solomon via Report It.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday evening’s sunset created quite the buzz- we at 22News received dozens of viewer photos of the pretty colors- but what is it that can make a particular day’s sunset so spectacular?

Sunday was a cloudy day for the most part, but when the sun set at 4:24 P.M., the clouds broke just in time- creating an amazing view. Seeing high clouds beginning to thin right before the sunset allows for an amazing show. Shades of pink, orange, yellow, and red filled the sky.

Shannon Walsh of Springfield told 22News she was particularly struck by the sunset on Sunday.

“Sunsets are usually beautiful- but it was exceptionally- we went outside and took pictures and just really noticed it was a special night,” Walsh said.

When the sun is setting, light must travel through the atmosphere before hitting your eyes. If more blue and violent light is scattered, and goes farther than our eyes can see, we will see more pink, orange, and red in the sky. Interestingly, cities with more pollution will often end up seeing better sunsets, because more light is bouncing around.

Click here to view a gallery of images showing the beautiful colors of Sunday’s sunset.

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