U.S. State Department warning for holiday travelers

22News spoke with travelers about whether their plans changed after the recent alert issued concerning terrorist threats.

WINDSOR LOCKS, Connecticut (WWLP)- The U.S. State Department issued a warning to Americans Monday of the possible risks of travel this holiday season due to increased terrorist threats.

Within the last month extremists have attacked in France, Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, and Mali. The Islamic State has also claimed responsibility for bombing a Russian Airliner in Egypt.

The State Department says current information suggests that terrorist groups including the Islamic State Militants, Al-Qaida, and Boko Haram are planning attacks in multiple regions.

Travelers are advised to be vigilant in public places and on transportation, and if they see something suspicious they are asked to contact authorities.

Raymond Baksys told 22News, that he is traveling  to Barcelona, Spain to get on a cruise ship to Miami, Florida for a holiday vacation.  Baksys said, “You let certain elements affect your life.They’ve sort of won the battle so to speak.”

The alert has an expiration date marked for February 24th, but many passengers say it’s a reality that hangs on their shoulders everyday.

Deborah Ginsberg, of Wallingford, Connecticut said, “It’s on my mind always, not just getting on a plane, but whenever you venture out, a plane, a train an automobile, you think about it but we live our life.”

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