Do early doorbuster deals mean Black Friday is a thing of the past?

15.8 million people will be out shopping this weekend

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It seems like Black Friday shopping gets bigger and bigger with stores opening earlier and earlier each year. The day after Thanksgiving is known for doorbuster shopping deals where consumers can get huge savings on their purchases, but those deals are no longer limited to Black Friday.

“Your shopper today wants whatever they want right this very second,” said Meghan Fulton, the store manager at the Target in Turkey Creek. “Our generation wants everything right now, so we’re offering it right now.”

Target is offering 10 days of deals instead of one, bringing in customers who skip Black Friday. It could mean fewer Black Friday shoppers, but it’s also a way for businesses to get customers to shop for longer.maybe target shopping black friday


“It seems like the same amount of dollars; it’s just spread out over more time,” said Fulton.

It’s called the holiday creep. Experts say customers are starting their holiday shopping earlier and earlier, and this year, companies are helping them do it.

“They are looking for promotions, early promotions, and retailers are accommodating them by giving them early promotions,” said Ann Fairhurst, head of the Department of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management.

Even with the new trend, Fairhurst said the end of Black Friday is nowhere in sight. “I don’t think it’ll ever go away I think it’s just changing some.”

Consumers may have to do more research this year to find which days they can find their deals, but limiting them to Black Friday is becoming a thing of the past.televisions shopping black friday


Even with the shopping spread out over several days, the National Retail Federation says 15.8 million people will be out shopping this weekend, two million more than the 133.7 million shopping Thanksgiving weekend last year.

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