Clues your child may not be playing it cyber safe

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Kids and computers. Most of the time it’s just fun and games but when it comes to the World Wide Web, but, “I think too often we hand them the computer for a little bit of down-time, and we’re not sure exactly what they’re looking at,” said local mom Angela Joynt.

“We have to know what the kids are doing just to keep them safe,” said Lt. Colleen Stuart.

But try as they might, parents can’t always watch everything their children do online. Especially on their phones.

That’s exactly why KSNT News went to the experts to find out more about specific signs that tell parents, something their kids are doing on here isn’t right.

We’re told the first big clue is when kids spend too much time on the computer, especially at night.

“If they become angry when they’re not able to get on the computer when they want to. That could be a warning sign that something is going on,” said Stuart.

Stuart suggests setting a time limit for each child and putting the computer in a central location.

That’s because withdrawal from the family is yet another sign to watch out for, “because now they’re obsessing or they’re focusing on another relationship,” said Stuart.

Experts say predators work hard at separating kids from their families.

Stuart says those relationships usually start off innocent, chatting on social media or through an online game, but if you start seeing frequent phone calls, text messages or mail from someone who you don’t know, it’s time to sit down and have a conversation.

Even if you’re like Angela Joynt, with two young kids at home, you can never start too early.

“We do already. We make sure we’re sitting with them when they’re watching things,” said Joynt.

For even more tips from FBI experts on what signs you should be watching for, visit our online gallery here

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