Cease the grease! Dumping fat down the drain can cause big problems

Can cause backups in your plumbing system, can also be bad for sewers

Image Courtesy: Springfield Water and Sewer Commission

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As you prepare your holiday meats, you may be tempted to wash the drippings down your sink, but grease buildup can cause major problems for your plumbing later on. The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission is putting out a warning to people with their “Cease the Grease” program, saying that by putting fatty oils down your drain or down the toilet, it can cause a sewage backup in your home, and it’s not good for the piping system of the city, either.

There are, however, some simple measures you can take to help avoid the grease buildup, explained Joyce Mulvaney, spokesperson for the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

“Essentially, you can use a used food can or glass jar from cooking, pour the grease into the jar, and then when it’s full, just dispose of it in the garbage,” Mulvaney said.

You can also help by cleaning out the excess grease in a pan with a paper towel before rinsing. Watch the following video for more information:

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