As the countdown continues to Thanksgiving, families rush to get all the dinner fixings

Grocery stores were packed today with people buying everything they need for their Thanksgiving feast.

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Grocery stores were packed Sunday with people buying everything they need for their Thanksgiving feast.

“Family definitely family. There will be about 19 of us at our table,” said Frances Ross and her daughter Leslie Lawrence of Longmeadow. They cherish the Thanksgiving traditions their big family has created over the years. Part of that tradition was going grocery shopping for so many people – more than once.

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, they had already bought two 20 pound turkeys, but were back at the Big Y in Longmeadow to make sure they had it all. “Yams, sweet potatoes, everybody brings something, and all kinds of pies, everybody brings different kinds of pies. Roasted Brussels sprouts, “Ross and her daughter listed off. As for the pies, she said they had pumpkin, apple, cherry, custard and so many more with most being made from scratch.

A cornucopia of turkeys filled the shelves, despite concerns earlier this year of turkey shortages due to the avian flu affecting poultry populations and prices.

“My little back room is filled, stacked to the ceiling,” said Ron Schneider, the meat sales manager at the Longmeadow Big Y.

Turkey is of course the main dish on most Thanksgiving dinner tables, but Big Y employees said on top of their more than 200 orders for turkeys at the Longmeadow store, they were also getting many orders for roasts and hams.

Add that to Sadie Slattery’s Italian family tradition of eating baked ziti along with the fixings.”I eat turkey and I eat gravy sometimes and I’m going to try cranberry sauce,” the first-grader from Longmeadow told 22News. For Sadie, the best part of the holiday was spending time with her Nana and cousins. “I’m thankful that I have a wonderful family,” she said. That is a Thanksgiving tradition shared by many that simply can’t be found in any market.

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