Man who was criticized for not cleaning his leaves received help from his community

The leaves didn't have to be cleaned up until the end of the month.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  The man who was criticized by his neighbor for not picking up his leaves woke up to a clean lawn and a rally of support.

Carl Davignon of Springfield’s East Forest Park publicly replied to his neighbor last week with a sign explaining his leaves didn’t have to be picked up yet, and that he still has until the end of November to do so.

He said to his surprise, other neighbors and even strangers rallied behind him and actually cleaned up his lawn for him. “Not just the leaves,” Davignon explained, “I had a huge branch that had fallen, and someone cut it up and hauled it away.”

He said there has been no further word from his critical neighbor. ‘I cannot tell you how many people stopped by with positive comments,” Davignon told 22News. “Some even offered to help me rake.”

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