Man crashes into Michigan medical facility, tries to convince cops to shoot him

You can hear what sounds like a Taser go off in the video.

(Courtesy: Greg Miller)

LANSING TWP, Mich. (WLNS) – Teams of police with guns drawn responded to a situation at a mid-Michigan medical facility Wednesday morning, injuring three people and sending the tenants into lockdown.

More than 30 emergency responders were on the scene shortly after a man plowed his car into the main entrance of the medical facility.
Wednesday’s incident started around 11 a.m. on the 1500 block of Lake Lansing Road in Lansing Township. Witnesses say the suspect rammed his car into the building three times.

A medical center official said the man tried to enter the building on foot before the crash, but was stopped by security.

WLNS spoke with a couple of witnesses on the scene who told us what they saw.

“This guy came out of the building, (and) he was yelling and hollering about having to wait,” Greg Miller said.

Miller was in the parking lot when it all unfolded and captured the incident on his cell phone. On video, you can hear police officers yelling for the suspect to get on the ground, while the suspect responds, “I got my hands down. Shoot me!”

You can hear what sounds like a Taser go off in the video.

“So they tazed him and put him on the ground, and that’s when they put him into custody,” Miller said.

And while all this was happening outside, patients and employees inside the medical facility and other surrounding buildings were taken to safety.
“My patient and I left there and were taken to an interior room with no windows. Basically, as it was all unfolding, we were on lockdown,” Laura Young said.

The suspect remains in police custody. Officials say his wife also was questioned.

Of the three people that were injured as a result of the crash, officials say two of them currently are in critical condition.

“It was just crazy,” Greg Miller said. “You really didn’t know what was going on until you kind of just watched what was going on and watched it all unfold.”

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