Car Insurance Discounts: When Is The Last Time You Checked For Savings?

(WSPA) – How would you like to save 20% on your auto insurance? A new Bankrate study finds there’s a trend in the industry that could help lower your premium: more discounts. But most of them won’t automatically apply. You have to call to ask.

Driver Cory Rose admits, until we told him, he was clueless auto insurance companies offer discounts for things like “good students.” He recently graduated and said he could have really used that.

“It’s just crazy to think that all that could save you money and why don’t they mention it to me,” said Rose.

Max Fain the owner of Carolina’s Choice Insurance says some discounts are automatically applied, but many are not.

“The number one discount that people may not get that isn’t included automatically may be a homeowners discount. If you own your home and you don’t tell your agent, and your agent doesn’t have your homeowners policy, you get a discount for just owning your home,” he said.

You can also get discounts for making automatic payments, having low annual mileage, and paying your full premium all at once.

And even your occupation can help you save if you are in a service industry like emergency responders or teachers.

If you’re thinking of switching, you can take advantage of a little know discount called “early signing.” That’s for people who set up the new policy several days before their old policy expires, instead of waiting until the last minute.

Driver Tracy Bryant says she qualifies for nearly 10 discounts, “I’m saving about $400 a year, just based on the discounts,” she said.

And even if you only get one or two, it’s worth checking since the savings add up down the road.

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