American in the Middle East reacts to Paris Attacks

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) — France and the United States weren’t the only nation caught off guard by the deadly attacks in Paris. Many people in the Middle East were just as shocked when they heard the news.

22News spoke to Taylor Smith, an American freelance journalist in Iraq.  She’s living in the Kurdistan region, where terrorist attacks are less frequent.

Iraqi Kurdistan is largely dominated by Peshmerga military forces who are known for being on the front lines in the battle against ISIS. Smith told 22News many of the Iraqi’s she spoke to were surprised and saddened when they heard about the attacks.

Taylor Smith told 22News, “I would say there is definitely an element of surprise just because it’s a modern city. Here, it’s not that hard to get a suicide bomber through. They just pay off one of the checkpoints.  But over there,  they have all this technology and security.”

She also said they’re dealing with battles of their own against terrorist organizations every day. Smith said Saturday morning, the Kurdistan Region Security Council stopped a suicide bomber from getting into Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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