TSA failed security?

(WTNH) — As we approach one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, TSA is under fire.

“I’m nervous when I go to the airport, very nervous,” said Stacy Rankin.

Rankin breathed a sigh of relief as she landed a Bradley International Airport. A federal watch group has released a report after 100 security audits across the country. They say TSA is failing and there are cracks in the layers of security.

“I mean, they’re trying to do their job, but there’s just so much happening that things are… people are being sneaky,” said Rankin.

TSA says they have seized 64 guns in one week in their blog, but over the summer, federal agents tested TSA and dozens and dozens of weapons slipped through security. Joe Zuffelato flies in and out of Bradley and is concerned about safety.

“Come on now, we got this technology, got a number of people up there, they are slowing everybody down for a reason. You have to get a better hit ratio, what they’re detecting, what they’re picking up on, I don’t think they’re making the grade,” said Zuffelato.

Some of passengers say one of the biggest frustrations is consistency. They say it varies from airport to airport, day to day. Depending on which checkpoint you’re clearing, different things will go through, others will not. Sherman Edwards flew in from Chicago and had a problem with a small Swiss Army knife.

“I remember my girlfriend gave me a little pocket knife and one time I went through and it was fine, and the next time they said you couldn’t have it, so sometimes they catch things, sometimes they don’t,” said Edwards.

“I’m concerned about it. If I did my job that way where would I be?” said Zuffelato.

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