Surprise! Woman didn’t know she was pregnant, gives birth

(CNN) – It was the last diagnosis Judy Brown expected when she went to the hospital with abdominal pain.

“I was feeling severe abdominal pain… it was getting worse.”

Judy Brown called hubby Jason for a quick ride to Beverly Hospital, an exam, and OMG…

“She said it’s good news: there’s no blockage. You’re pregnant and you are going to have her now.”

8-pound Carolyn Rose arrived an hour later. Judy’s 47, Jason 48; married 22 years. They had no idea.

“I feel I will wake up in the emergency room; ‘Hey, this is only a dream…’ it felt so real.”

Judy had felt some stuff going on; thought she was just moving to the next phase of her life. And there was a tummy bulge which she attributed to becoming just like her mother.

“She said this is not normal weight gain. It was like hard, but we didn’t think anything of it.”

“She is already daddy’s little girl.”

“An hour later I get a message: ‘Can you believe your aunt is having a baby?’”

“We have had some surprises over the years… but not like this one.”

It’s been a whirlwind, but Dad’s made one decision: he’s thinking small family.

“I will probably get the surgery done before that even becomes a thought! She will be an only child, yes.”

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