Program gets cancer patients on ‘Road to Recovery’

(CNN) – Going through cancer treatments can be a tough experience. It’s even tougher if a patient has to worry about how they’ll get to the doctor’s office. Now the American Cancer Society hopes a new program will make things a bit easier.

It’s early on a Wednesday morning and Darlene and Margie are headed to the doctor. They laugh like old friends, but the two only recently met after Darlene got bad news.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and undergoing treatment successfully, she got a phone call.

“They had discovered the cancer had come back.”

But since her first diagnosis, Darlene’s eyesight has begun to falter and her doctors have advised her not to drive anymore.

That’s where Margie comes in. She volunteers as a driver for the American Cancer Society’s program ‘Road to Recovery’, pairing volunteers with cancer patients who need help getting to their treatments.

“For a cancer patient to get effectiveness out of their treatment, that treatment needs to occur in a certain sequence, and at a certain frequency.”

According to the American Cancer Society, every day thousands of cancer patients across the country need rides to their appointments. So the organization is constantly looking for people who can offer assistance, even if they only have a little time to give.

“Just knowing the transportation assistance is there for me is invaluable.”

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