Man arrested after attacking woman, child with knife

David Brock (Credit: Mansfield Police Department)

MANSFIELD, Mass. (WPRI) — Mansfield police arrested one man Thursday, after a woman called police saying he went after her and her child with a knife.

David Brock, 27, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, according to police.

Jean Bennett told Eyewitness News she watched Mansfield police cruisers swarm behind her apartment building just as kids were getting home from school.

“I saw like six cruisers, I saw them go out back and then there were two police officers here and I asked them if I could help them and they said no,” she said.

According to police, the woman was on the phone with 911 dispatchers while she moved out on to her second-floor balcony with her child – as Brock was in the apartment armed with a knife.

“And I saw her sitting on the porch, with a little girl about two,” Bennett said.

Police said that before officers even got to the apartment building, Brock allegedly stashed the knives in the tank of the toilet.

Police said they recovered two knives at the scene.

According to police, officers had to draw their guns before arresting Brock, but the woman and her baby were not injured.

Bennett said she is used to seeing police officers in her neighborhood, but never under these circumstances.

“They hand out stickers and stuff like that – they drive through all the time. They usually have some policemen walking on foot in the summer time just to keep the teenagers out of trouble but nothing major. This is the first time anything like that, that I know of, has happened here,” she said.

Bennett told Eyewitness News she had never seem the woman, her child, or Brock before.

Brock is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Attleboro district court.

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