Local travelers unfazed by crash of Russian jet

Investigators considering whether a bomb brought down the plane

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – U.S. intelligence officials say they are not ruling out terrorism as the cause of last week’s crash of a Russian jet. President Obama publicly stated that they’re taking last Saturday’s crash seriously, as fears that a bomb was placed on-board grow, but officials in both Russia and Egypt say they are waiting for investigators to confirm a cause.

The Metrojet flight en route to St. Petersburg crashed just a little more than 20 minutes after takeoff in Egypt; killing more than 200 people.

At Bradley International Airport Friday, travel went on normal and as scheduled. Some airline travelers were feeling uneasy flying following the incident, while many 22News spoke with said that they’re not letting fear get to them.

“Maybe because it happen so far away, but I think if it happened in America I would have a different feeling about it. It doesn’t- it just really doesn’t faze me,” air traveler Denise Jakubisyn said.

Friday, Russia announced that it will suspend all flights to Egypt until security at that country’s airports are improved.

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