International flights entering the U.S. to see increased security

DHS says there will be seen and unseen measures

(CNN) – Travelers flying from the U.S. to other countries are used to enhanced security. Now, international flyers coming into the U.S. will see additional security measures.

Overseas airports in the region with direct flights to the United States are preparing for increased security measures.

Today, Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson announced expanded screening of items going on to the aircraft. Travelers will also likely see random searches, extra hand swabbing of passengers, and possibly more bomb sniffing dogs.

DHS will also assess security at select foreign airports.

Former TSA Assistant Administrator Chad Wolf says, “When you talk about the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the printer cartridge…these all happened overseas flights coming into the U.S. So that’s really from my perspective where the concern is.”

U.S. officials stress there are already multiple layers of security to screen passengers before they ever get on a plane bound for the U.S., including checking all passengers and crew against the U.S. terror watch list.

But vulnerabilities still exist – the insider threat is a major concern.

Rep. John Katko, (R) New York, says, “Employee vetting needs to be beefed up. And one of the things they need to do in addition to it, once they hire these individuals, they need to keep continuing to vet them on a recurring basis, to make sure if they go bad in the course of time as employee we catch that before it’s too late.”

Intelligence officials say, if the downing of Metrojet was an insider job, authorities worldwide must zero in on airport and airline workers with secure access.

Security problems are not just an issue overseas. The TSA is still reeling from reports that undercover inspectors were able to get fake explosives through U.S. airport security 95-percent of the time.

DHS adds there will be seen and unseen measures.

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