Inside a Bond villain’s car

(CNN) – Forget about a sleek, sexy heroic. This car was designed to look menacing. This car is for a villain. Meet Jaguar CX-75. The car used to chase down James Bond in the film ‘Spectre’. Jaguar isn’t normally known for super cars but it convinced director Sam Mendes that this bad boy concept car was the best choice for chasing around Rome.

David Faribairn was in charge of delivering vehicles to the set and kept them looking pristine.

These cars must have gotten really beat up when they were on the shoot. So tell me about how you made sure they were in good condition for all the different takes.

“The six weeks that we were in Rome, it was 24-7. We had a nighttime shift supporting the cars during the chase scene. And then we had a daytime mechanics team that were repairing the cars when we came in … and all the production team wen t to bed. I’d love to say, yeah, we had so many cars come back damaged. Actually… we designed the vehicle to take those various action scenes. We got all five vehicles back. All in good condition. Just a little bit of service has to be done on them and then we’re going to keep them and show them off to the public.”

This particular model is called a “Hero”. It looks nice, but doesn’t move much. It’s just for close-up shots. The stunt cars do the action shots.

The Jaguar CX-75 was used to generate buzz around the British brand, but you won’t find it in a dealership.

This is the first time Jaguar has manufactured a car for a Bond film that won’t go into regular production. Same thing goes for 007’s Aston Martin.

Both companies say these will remain as concept cars only, but insist that other vehicles on the market will incorporate some of their design features.

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