Facebook scheme makes its way to western Mass.

How make sure you don't fall for it

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Next time you head to Facebook, you might see a post for “Secret Sister” Gift Exchange. It acts like a Secret Santa, except you buy a gift, and don’t get one back.

Massachusetts resident Cheryl Amaro told 22News she just saw the post twice this week. “One of them had several people say they wanted to do it. The other one I saw she had one person say she wanted to do it and one person told her it was a scam,” Amaro said.

“Secret Sister” claims you can buy and mail a $10 gift to one person. Then you add your name to a list, and receive 36 gifts back. It just doesn’t add up. However, what’s worse isn’t that you lost $10. It’s that you’ve posted your information to Facebook for everyone to see.

“It’s dangerous and of course anyone can get your information online from anywhere now,” said Izabel Dziduch of West Springfield.

I went on Facebook Friday and found seven of my friends have shared the post this week. When I clicked on them, I found names and addresses of people I didn’t know. To protect yourself, never publicly post your personal information on social media or the internet.

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