Driver who survived post through windshield: It was my “really lucky day”

Says she didn't process what had happened until she pulled over

Image Courtesy: Massachusetts State Police Media Relations

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Her car may look mostly back to normal now, but MoonYean Field of Holyoke won’t soon forget her terrifying ride Wednesday morning.

Field had been driving on I-91 north in Springfield, when a 4×4 wooden post came off a vehicle somewhere in front of her. That post was run over by a tractor trailer, and it went flying into her windshield.

Field told 22News that she didn’t scream or swerve; she didn’t really process what happened until she pulled over.

“As I was waiting for the tow truck, covered in glass and looking at the post and thinking ‘this is my really lucky day!’” Field said.

Field now keeps the 4X4 in her back seat as a reminder of her “really lucky day.” She knows that she will be picking up tiny bits of glass in her car for a while, but otherwise, she feels back to normal behind the wheel.

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