Westover burned about 200 acres of grassland

WESTOVER AIR RESERVE BASE, Mass. – Westover personnel burned about 200 acres of grassland located within the base property Tuesday morning.

CSVxuZKWEAA6NCFThe burning progress depends on wind, rain and temperature conditions. Prescribed fire is a recognized natural resources management tool used to maintain healthy grasslands and to reduce grassy fuels.

Airfield areas burned included those in the general vicinity of Westover Metropolitan Airport and the interior of the base.

Westover’s prescribed fires help prevent wildfires and remove broadleaf weeds and other invasive vegetation.

The burning was carried out and managed by trained U.S. Forest Service wildland firefighters and Westover ARB Fire Department personnel, who used safe burning practices.

Their prescribed fire plan avoids factors which might affect the local community such as smoke and spread of the fire outside intended areas. Burn took place with eye-level wind gusts of 20 mph or less. Thus the burning did not pose a safety risk.

Winds aloft disperse and transport the smoke away from the immediate area. The firefighters used wet bordering vegetation and other firebreaks to manage the fires. Local fire departments were advised of the prescribed burning.



Westover ARB firefighters plan to burn grassland
November 22, 2014

235 acres of grasslands to be burned at Westover
March 31, 2015

Fighting fire with fire at Westover
April 1, 2015


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