Protect yourself when searching for unclaimed property

In a cyber thief's digital world, you have to protect yourself.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You may have seen the Find Mass Money booths or heard ads on the radio, inviting you to search for property you didn’t know you were missing.

In fact, it’s estimated 1 out of every 10 people have unclaimed property. However, in the search for what could be yours, it’s important to protect what you already have.

“There’s tons of websites out there that don’t have the right intentions,” said Brenna Percy from Longmeadow.

Consumer advocate Milagros Johnson told 22News you should never click on what comes to you; it’s important to type in web addresses yourself, so you’re in control of the secure sites you visit.

“If you live in Massachusetts go to Follow the links which will bring you to the Mass Treasury Department. They’re the ones that are going to send you to a legitimate website, said Milagros Johnson of the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information.

As always when handling personal information or money, use a secure computer, avoid public WIFI, and look for the https in the address line, which indicates your personal information is encrypted.

If a copycat site contacts you saying they’ve found unclaimed property and then asks for your credit card info, look for the property yourself for free. To search for your own unclaimed property, visit the state’s site here. 

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