Holiday spirit: Ohio bridge taken over by estimated 5,000 web-spinning spiders


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — One of the most well-known bridges in Columbus is being taken over by thousands of 8-legged squatters.

Spiders are out in force on the Main Street bridge right now.

It’s iconic by day and iconic by night.

And as the sun falls on the Main Street bridge…these eight-legged creatures come out in force.

They’re called orb weavers.

They won’t attack you. Even if they do, “bug doc” Dave Shetlar says their fangs are not strong enough to bite through a person’s skin.

Shetlar is an entomologist at Ohio State.

The bug doc says all these spiders come out at night. That’s when their food comes from the river.

“I bet there are at least 5,000 spiders along this bridge and maybe up to 10,000.”

A few people walking along the bridge stopped to marvel at the little orb weavers.

“It’s like we’re in an exhibit for spiders,” said Danielle Ruderman.

“It’s worth coming out to.”

Alena Cherneta said she thought they may be a seasonal decoration.

“We thought they were here and not cleaned up from Halloween,” she said.

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