Good deed goes viral

(WSFA) An Alabama State Trooper is making headlines across the country after photos of him being a Good Samaritan went viral.

The trooper says he was just doing his job, but the woman who shared the pictures says his gesture meant much more.

Raenetta Burch Bennett was on her way home when something caught her eye as she got off Interstate 65 in Prattville Sunday afternoon.

She snapped pictures as she watched an unexpected scene play out on the exit ramp. A trooper brought meals to a father and son who were on the side of the road asking for help. They had a sign that read “money or food.”

Bennett says initially, she thought the trooper was there to arrest the men but was touched when she realized he was trying to help them.

“I had to capture it,” she said. “It was just a heartfelt moment.”

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