Democrats rally supporters in Iowa

Democratic rivals descending on Iowa 100 days before the first votes of the 2016 primar

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(CNN) – Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, all trying to energize supporters in Iowa.

Fireworks in the presidential race, Democratic rivals descending on Iowa 100 days before the first votes of the 2016 primary.

Hillary Clinton seizing on the star power of Katy Perry.

“Fight on 2016 is right around the corner,” said Katy Perry.

And the political power of Bill Clinton – in his campaign trail debut. “I’ve never been the warm up act for Katy Perry before. But I am well aware I am the warm-up act,” Bill Clinton.

The biggest week yet of the democratic presidential race ended in Iowa, where Clinton had plenty of company – and competition.

“People power! Wooo!”

Bernie sanders has become a democratic star of his own. His campaign chartered a plane to fly over their dueling rallies, calling for a revolution, before marching side-by-side with his followers.
“This is a march which will end up in a year when you will join me at the white house,” said Sanders.

A festival of politics, coming to a full boil at the Jefferson Jackson dinner, a marquee event for democrats.

It was at this dinner, eight years ago, where Illinois senator Barack Obama jumpstarted his presidential campaign. “if we are really serious about winning this election democrats, then we can’t live in fear of losing it,” said Obama.

Sanders said history could repeat itself. “About eight years ago all of the political experts talked about how another democratic candidate for president just couldn’t win. He was unelectable. Remember that guy? What’s his name? Oh, it’s President Obama,” said Sanders.

Sanders presented himself as a principled progressive, drawing a sharp contrast to Clinton’s votes on Iraq, gay rights and Wall Street reform.

“I will not abandon any segment of American society, just because it is politically expedient at a given time,” said Sanders.

Former Maryland governor martin O’Malley said it was time for a new generation to lead. “New leadership or the same old battles or our past. Actions or words? Do we want to get things done? Or do we just want to keep shouting past each other?” said O’Malley.

But Clinton argued her experience makes her the party’s strongest nominee. “It’s not enough just to rail against the republicans and the billionaires. We have to win this election,” said Hillary Clinton.

In Iowa, Clinton has an edge in the polls.

But sanders is capturing the enthusiasm, a sign this democratic race is not yet settled.

“Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”

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