7,000+ stolen guns seized from warehouse in South Carolina

So far, Brent Nicholson has only been charged with possession of stolen property

(NBC) – Police from North and South Carolina are assisting with the investigation into an enormous gun seizure.

Police estimate they confiscated at least seven thousand weapons from a home in chesterfield county South Carolina.

Officers went to the home of 51-year-old Brent Nicholson on unrelated charges, and saw the weapons upon entering the home.

At this time, investigators believe Nicholson was hoarding the guns and not selling them, but it’s unclear as to just how Nicholson came across so many weapons.

Jay Brooks, the Chesterfield County Sheriff, said: “we’re still finding guns in safes and hidden under beds, so we’ll be here the next couple of days.”

Right now Nicholson is only charged with possession of stolen property.

CNN reports that police also found over 150 chainsaws and more than 250 taxidermy mounts.

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