Why Erving PD are now required to wear body cameras

Each body camera is $900

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ERVING, Mass. (WWLP) – After several deadly police shootings across the country, some police departments have started using body cameras.

Starting October 26th, Erving police officers will be required to wear body cameras while out on patrol. “I think it’s a good thing. I think that way everybody, you know, it protects everybody, the police and regular people,” said C.F. Cawley of Middleborough.

Erving police purchased five body cameras through a grant from their insurance company. Each body camera is $900, but Erving police hopes they’ll see the savings over time because with events being recorded, they can spend less money on long, drawn-out investigations.

The Erving Police Chief told 22News, the community seems to be on board with the new policy. “So far, very positive and I’ve noticed, even in the last few months since a lot of things have happened, when I tell people that I’m audio and video recording on the cruiser stop, generally, the person says ‘good’ or ‘I’m glad to hear that’,” said Chief Blair.

Erving police told 22News, the reason why their officers will start wearing body cameras is to provide a more accurate depiction of events. William Bembury, from the Erving Board of Selectmen, told 22News, ” this is just one other tool that helps in doing that and aides in doing that and I think that makes people feel good.”

Erving police hopes this new policy will help to improve trust within the police department.

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