Nurses seeking caseload reduction legislation

The bill is currently before the Public Health Committee

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BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Nurses returned to the State House Tuesday once again, calling for smaller patient case-loads.

It’s a heated debate involving many Massachusetts nurses and the hospitals. Nurses complain that they’re caring for way too many patients at once.

For years, the Massachusetts Nurses’ Union has been pushing for legislation to reduce the number of patients in their care. A special legislative committee is considering whether to assign a maximum number of patients to each registered nurse.

RN’s statewide are worried that patients aren’t receiving the best quality of care, because their caseloads are too high.

Last year, the Nurses’ Union was able to establish a one-to-one nurse to patient limit in the intensive care unit. They want that ratio to apply to all hospital units.

Tim Gens from the Massachusetts Hospital Association believes this bill is a bad idea. “Nurses are incredibly important, but they’re only one, one member of the care-giving team and patients really can’t be taken care of by a fixed formula, they need individual attention.”

The bill is currently before the Public Health Committee. 22News will let you know if it moves forward for a vote.

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