Mississippi marriage proposal goes viral

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – At just a few hours old Lynleigh Nicole Miles was tasked with a pretty big job.

Michael Miles knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Triston with their new baby girl, he just didn’t know how.

Then Michael’s mom came up with this idea, “Out of no where she like why don’t you get somebody to make a onesie that says ‘will you marry my daddy?’”

Michael liked the idea and went with it. Little Lynleigh was introduced to the world Thursday evening, and Michael’s plan was set.

Even the nurses were in on the proposal. They told Triston they were taking Lynleigh to do a hearing test.

“They really didn’t take her to a hearing test. They went in the hall and changed her onesie…They handed her to me and they didn’t have her blanket on her so I was confused,” Triston said at that moment she read the onesie and realized what was happening.

The hospital room proposal has already gotten over 500,000 views on Facebook. Lynleigh’s simple, but precious role has had people spewing sweet comments underneath the video.

Triston and Michael say the past few days have been the happiest they’ve been, but also the most tired.

The new parents and fiances say they’ll start planning a wedding after finishing school, and Lynliegh will of course will play a part.

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