Man selling naming right to new species of moth

The highest bidder will work with Metzler to name the species

SANTE FE (CNN) – For the right price, you can take part in making scientific history. A New Mexico scientist discovered a new species of moth and wants to give people a chance to name it.

You can find all sorts of things on ebay, such as clothing, electronics, gadgets and books. However, now there’s one other thing up for sale. The chance to name a newly found moth.

“50 years from now when scientists are researching moth, this moth will still have the same name. So it’s really like they are buying a legacy of naming this moth,” said Amy of the Western National Parks Association.

Retired entomologist Eric Metzler discovered a new species of moth a few years ago at white sands. The Western National Parks Association says Metzler has discovered 35-new species of moths.

Traditionally a new species is named for the person who discovered it, but Metzler is trying something different. He is letting people bid on e-bay for the honor of naming his moth. The money would go to the Western National Parks Association which foot the bill for much of his research. This auction started this past Saturday. It started at $500. Now it is up to $6,000.

“It’s really meaningful to us that because it’s a very unique item to WNPA and it really showcases our research program,” said Amy.

The highest bidder will work with Metzler to name the species. It’s a once and lifetime opportunity.

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