Independent living through technology

(KVLY) Nicole Atherton, a 27-year-old Moorhead, Minnesota woman diagnosed with Down Syndrome, has her own apartment, rather than having to live in group home or with her parents. It’s all thanks to new technology.

Two years ago Nicole was living with her parents. She has two job, and tons of hobbies, but they weren’t sure if she’d ever fully have her independence.

“There have been bumps in the road, we have had issues with food and budgeting, but here she is,” says Donna Atherton, Nicole’s mom.

Her apartment is just like anyone else’s with one addition. Nicole has three monitors that record when someone comes or goes, and if someone tries to get in through the window.

Depending on each person’s needs the sensors can be put on the fridge to monitor eating, the stove to make sure it’s turned off, and some people have an emergency button they can push anytime they need some assistance.

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