Growing number of drones prompts privacy concerns

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Drones and other or unmanned aircraft serve many purposes such as dropping off medical supplies to remote locations and helping local police departments.

But they’re also becoming very popular for people to use just for fun. Many attach cameras to their drones and capture aerial video of events or property. What you thought was your own private property may not be so private.

22News asked Northampton residents if the idea of someone recording them in their own backyard concerned them. Ed Boyer said “I don’t like invasion of privacy. They can take a picture of my house, or me, or my children, because they might be photographing something, but there’s other people probably in the background.”

Northampton resident Dan Gousy was less worried. “The technology is just so widespread… the idea of drones invading my private life, just really doesn’t concern me all that much.”

A new government task force is designing laws on how to regulate drones. Currently, drones can fly within 25 feet of someone’s property or moving cars and are restricted from flying higher than 400 feet.

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