Election signs removed after racially targeting candidate

Lewiston landlord Joe Dunne is responsible for the signs

(WCSH) – A number of controversial election signs in Lewiston, Maine were taken down Monday evening after the signs failed to meet regulations set forth by the Maine Ethics Commission.

The signs read: “Don’t vote for Ho Chi Chin. Vote for more jobs, not more welfare.”

Lewiston landlord Joe Dunne is responsible for the signs, which target mayoral candidate Ben Chin, and says does not think they are racist.

“His ideas are more socialist and bordering on basically communism so I just did a little parody on that,” said Dunne. I don’t think it’s racist at all. I just thought that it would make a point.”

“This is the result of people retaliating when you stand up and you try to tell the truth, and you say the right thing. So I am completely undaunted by this, and this just makes me more eager to get out there and talk to voters,” said Chin. “This is a very personal attack on us and our family.”

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