Bill would allow liquor stores to be open Thanksgiving Day

Many liquor store owners actually oppose the bill

liquor shelf

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – You can’t buy liquor in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Memorial Day, but that could change.  A bill at the state house would allow liquor stores to open on Thanksgiving Day.

Many residents here in western Massachusetts are strongly against the proposal.

“On the holiday I don’t think they should be open. You should be with your family on the holiday and no one should be working,” said Holyoke resident Devon Cordero.

Some liquor store managers also oppose the bill, including Anthony Cicerchia, manager of Pat’s Liquors in Holyoke.

“It’s a sacred day for families, friends. It’s a day to be with your loved ones,” Cicerchia told 22News. “Being open is just another way for the owners to get another couple of dollars out of the profits.”

The reasoning behind the bill is to allow Massachusetts package stores to compete with liquor stores just over state lines. Pat’s Liquors argued sales wouldn’t necessarily increase.

They said if they were to open, they’d probably see the same amount of business, just spread out over the day of and the day before the holiday.

The bill was filed in January, and it’s unknown if Governor Baker would sign it if ended up on his desk. There was a public hearing on it Tuesday at the State House, where many liquor store owners spoke against the bill.

22News will follow the story and let you know when a decision is made.


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