Biden continues to drop hints on presidential bid

Speculation over whether he'll run has reached the point of fatigue

(NBC News) – Vice President Joe Biden hinted Tuesday he might be leaning toward a run for the White House.

Biden threw some not-so-subtle jabs at Hillary Clinton, suggesting he’s better at working across the political aisle. “I still have a lot of Republican friends. I don’t think my chief enemy is the Republican party,” Biden said.

He portrayed himself as closer to President Obama, and revised his story on the Bin Laden raid, saying he privately supported it. “I told him my opinion, that I thought he should go, but follow his own instincts.”

His remarks come as speculation over whether he’ll run has reached the point of fatigue.

The latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows two-thirds of Democrats now either don’t think Biden should run or don’t care.

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