Organizing digital and printed photos

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Wipe off the dust from your photo boxes and get them organized and properly displayed!  Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer told us how.

7 Steps to Organizing Your Physical Photos
1. Use boxes and bins to gather ALL of your physical photos in one place.
2. Make 3 piles: A, B, and C. Pile your photos using the A, B, C Method (A – Awesome/Scan Worthy; B – Beneficial/Good to Have; C – Cut/Trash)
3. Sort A & B photos by event and/or category (holiday/vacation/mom’s side/dad’s side/kids/couples/etc.)
4. Pick up some photo boxes to store your A & B photos (keep the A’s and B’s separated for future scanning options).
5. Create a photo album by event and/or category from your organized photos.
6. Optional (Send A photos to a scanning service).
7. Optional (When digital photos are scanned, load A photos onto computer)

5 Steps to Organizing Your Digital Photos
1. Move ALL your digital photos onto one computer.
2. Back up ALL your current digital photos from all your computers onto a separate backup drive.
3. Sort your digital photos by A, B, C Method (A – Awesome/Flag; B – Beneficial/Star; C – Cut/delete).
4. Sort A & B photos by event and/or category and place in digital folders (holidays/vacations/mom’s side/dad’s side/siblings/cousins/couples/weddings/etc.)
5. Order a digital photo book from a specific category to enjoy with friends and family.

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