How cyclists and drivers can share the road safely

Cyclists recommended to invest in blinking lights to improve visibility to drivers

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GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Whether you’re riding a bike, or driving a car, it’s important to remember you’re sharing the road.

A cyclist was hit and killed by a pick-up truck in Greenfield last week on Bernardston Road. Andrea Sroka of Turners Falls makes sure drivers can see her when she’s on her bike. “I drive in the middle of the road, especially if there’s a spot where there’s low visibility,” said Sroka.

One driver told 22News, some cyclists take unnecessary risks. “They need to be more aware of cars on the road and the respect goes both ways,” said Bill Lousignau of Northfield.

It’s important for cyclists to remember, when they’re on the road, they’re technically treated as vehicles, which means, they have to abide by the rules of the road. It’s also important that cyclists and drivers know and use signals while out on the road. If you want to turn left, you should extend your arm fully out; to turn right, extend your arm toward the sky; and to slow down or stop, extend your arm downward.

One driver who’s also a cyclist told 22News, drivers need to do a better job at staying focus on the road. “You see people on the phone, eating, turning around, engaging other people in conversation in the car, putting on makeup, shaving, you know, and they’re just not paying attention to the task at hand which is driving,” said Randell Reid of Hartford, CT.

Bicycle World in Greenfield told 22News, cyclists should invest in blinking lights to improve their visibility to drivers.


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