Homeowners not switching to natural gas and keeping oil to heat homes

The average price for oil in Western Massachusetts is $2/gallon

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People who heat with oil are enjoying relatively low prices to keep their homes warm right now.

Historically, it was cheaper to heat your home with natural gas than oil. Some homeowners would try to switch to natural gas when prices increased.

22News spoke with Auth Fuels Owner Ed Taft. He said already, he’s noticed there’s no urgency for customers to switch fuels, as there might be in years past. He said when prices were high, customers would order about 100 gallons to fill their tanks. This year, they’re asking for 150 gallons to fill up even more.

Barbara Wanczyk, a natural gas customer of South Hadley, said she doesn’t think this trend will last, “There’s so much unrest in the Middle East, I think that this is only a temporary situation and I think they’re going to see high oil prices again and they’ll be struggling to pay their heating bills, so I think natural gas is a good idea at this point.”

Columbia Gas Spokeswoman Andrea Luppi said she has not noticed a decrease in the demand for natural gas this year. She said there’s no indication fewer people are trying to switch to natural gas.

The New England Oil website has the average price for oil in Western Massachusetts at 2 dollars a gallon.


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