What tourists are saying about the foliage in Franklin County

Tourists from around the country are in Franklin County for the fall foliage

SHELBURNE, Mass. (WWLP) – People from all over the country were in Franklin County this Columbus Day to take in the yellow, the red and orange leaves.

One person who’s visiting from Washington D.C. told 22News, they have foliage there, but it’s nothing like the leaves here. “It’s not nearly as stunning as it is here in New England. This is my first time in the Fall in New England and it’s extraordinarily gorgeous,” said Amanda Cash.

Franklin County is known for its fall foliage. In fact, people come here from all around the world to take in the different colored leaves. 22News also spoke with a woman from Florida, who decided to pass on the beach weather and travel to Franklin County to experience the colors of fall. “I’ve made a point to come up and just, you know, just be a looky loo of a leaf peaker,” said Patricia Spangler of Merritt Island, FL.

It’s a tradition for so many who continue to visit Franklin County year after year. Some people even told 22News, fall is there favorite season all because of the foliage.

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