Turkish PM says deadly attacks likely were suicide bombings

Kurdish demonstrators in Paris, France, gather after an explosion at a rally in Ankara, Turkey, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. Turkey's health minister says two bomb explosions in the Turkish capital have killed scores of people. The explosions occurred minutes apart near Ankara's main train station as people were gathering for a rally, organized by the country's public sector workers' trade union and other civic society groups. The rally aimed to call for an end to the renewed violence between Kurdish rebels and Turkish security forces. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s prime minister says there are strong signs that the two attacks at a peace rally in Ankara were suicide bombings.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also declared a three-day official mourning for the 86 victims of the two explosions as well as for people killed in terror attacks since July.

The explosions occurred Saturday as hundreds of people were gathering for the peace rally by leftist and Kurdish activists.

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