Monson storm reminds residents of past storms

By Saturday afternoon, all residents had their power back on

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – One year after a powerful microburst hit Easthampton, another powerful storm hit the tornado torn town of Monson. 22News visited with residents just hours after the power finally came back on.

Friday night, a powerful storm with strong wind knocked down trees and power lines in a rural residential neighborhood. By Saturday afternoon the damage was cleaned up, but the memories were still fresh.

Shara Brady of Monson told 22News, “I had actually gotten a call from my mom on the phone that the storm had hit and trees were down and everything was kind of crazy. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get home.”

The storm hit Silver Street, Thayer Road and Reimer Road the hardest. Just one mile from where the June 1st, 2011 tornado carved a path of destruction.

Matt Potter of Monson “Honestly, it’s starting to feel like we are in storm corridor really. We’ve had the tornado come through. The winters are really horrible here. We’ve had 5 to 6 inches more per storm than other people. It’s starting to feel a little eerie.”

After getting hit by the tornado in 2011, Monson is no stranger to severe weather. They’ve designated the Quarry Hill Elementary School as a Red Cross shelter in the event of severe weather or another emergency.

By Saturday afternoon, all residents had their power back on. They told 22News they won’t forget the intensity of the storm.

Toby Hurtado of Monson said, “First I saw on the 22News app that our street was closed, and I came in through the back of our street and the road was closed, so I asked the cop if I could come in and he let me in, and then I noticed that there was no power and it was black.

The National Weather Service hasn’t classified this storm as a microburst. They say the damage was caused by straight line winds.

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