Easthampton microburst recovery slow, one year later

Damage in the area totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Micro bursts are powerful down drafts of wind that drop down from a thunderstorm. A micro burst hit Mount Tom in Easthampton a year ago, and not much has changed since the powerful storm devastated the area.

Powerful winds of over 100 mph hit and ravished the area. The majority of the cleanup is done, but some areas are still littered by down trees and debris. On a beautiful day, people came out to Mount Tom to take in the breath taking views, but instead they see this.

Sarah Jackson of Northampton said, “It looks scary. It looks like it was pretty devastated. It’s surprising, because you would have expected for them to either have cleaned it up by now, it would have cleaned itself.”

Trees were uprooted and branches were everywhere on the hillside of Christopher Clark Road. It’s been a year since a micro burst hit this area, and trees and debris are still there.

The micro burst took down trees and forever changed the landscape of Mount Tom.

22News spoke with John Sheehan of Southampton, who was enjoying a walk with family, and said the down trees are good for restoring the forest. “They brought in expert who said it would be good for the forestry if they left the trees here to die and decompose.”

But not everyone agrees with that, and some say they would like to see the beautiful landscape restored.

Randy Casiano of Agawam told 22News he was there a day after the microburst, but thinks cleanup is slow. “It’s still a mess up here as you can see in the background. It’s crazy how they haven’t really done much with the mountain.”

Casiano told 22News he’s tired of seeing trees scattered on the side of the road, and is wondering why cleanup has stopped.

Damage in the area totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. 22News was unable to speak with a park ranger to why cleanup in the area came to a stop.

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