Keeping motorcycle riders safe on the roads

The fall is a time of increased danger for those who ride on two wheels

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – On Sunday, more than 400 motorcycle riders will take the streets for “The Wicked in Pink Ride,” which raises money for breast cancer. That group will be easy to hear and see, but it’s the individual riders that drivers need to watch for.

Motorcycle riders love to see New England’s fall colors from the backs of their bikes. It’s also a time of increased danger for those who ride on two wheels.

“Obviously it gets dark earlier, you’re going to start getting leaves on the road so you’ve got to be more cognitive of how you ride corners. People are blowing things out of their yards into the street. It can make the ride a little bit more dangerous,” said Rob Thompson from Southampton Harley Davidson.

Motorcycle safety is not just for riders. Drivers need to be aware of who they’re sharing the road with. 22News strapped a go-pro to a bike so you can see what a motorcycle rider sees.

Rob Thompson told 22News drivers need to avoid tailgating bikers, so you have time to react. There’s three different hand signals that motorcyclists use that drivers should be aware of: right turn, left turn and stop.

“Every motorcycle rider out there has had a least one close call with someone not paying attention. Either they’re on the phone of they’re on the phone or they’re texting and driving and that’s probably the scariest thing you’ll ever run into,” said Thompson

Other things that can keep riders safe is what they wear. Massachusetts riders must wear a helmet. And the leather’s not just for looks in a case where a biker does go down, it can lessen a rider’s road burn.

Click Here if you’re interested in joining Sunday’s ride, it leaves from Southampton Harley Davidson. All the proceeds go to the Sr. Cartias Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital.

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